Aktivbike is based in Bad Gleichenberg since 2014 and opened a branch in Sankt Anna in 2016. We offer newest E-Bikes and Bikes of best quality. Nakita and KTM are our main brands. Sinch 2017 we also offer the rental of woombikes - the best bikes for kids! Please feel free to book your bike online.

    Unsere Standorte

    Unsere Verleihstellen befinden sich in Bad Gleichenberg und Frutten Giesselsdorf (bei St. Anna) in der Kaffeerösterei Maika.
    Sie übernachten in einem unserer Partnerhotels? Perfekt! Dann stellen wir Ihnen die Räder auch kostenlos ins Hotel zu.

    children bikes

    woombikes are specially designed and made for the needs of our children. We love the woombikes design and easy usability. Come and try the bikes - your Kids won't get off the bike again!

    Ecalypse integration

    The main advantage of this Wordpress theme is that it integrates seamlessly with Ecalypse rental plugin which is built specifically for vehicle rental systems like cars, motorbikes, RVs, jet skis, boats, etc. With a ton of cool features, it is arguably most advanced and user friendly plugin on the market today.

    our services

    Bike rental

    Our bike rental services can be used with our online booking form. Please fill out all the needed information and we will provide you the bike booked at the place you choose for pick up.


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    Our Locations

    Bikes for sale

    We also sell bikes! Our Products Nakita and woombikes are TOP Products made in Austria. Feel free to test the bikes in our bike rental store before you buy them.


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    Since 2014 we do provide the region with Bikes and E-Bikes. Our rental service is well known and is able to provide up to 80 bikes at once. Please contact us in case you have questions.